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Necklace Alloy Pendant Font Fascinating Pendant Custom Name Necklace Personalized Necklace


New design and high quality
Fashion items

Material: Titanium steel,Copper plating,925silver

Processing: Plating
Type: Necklace
Image: Necklace
Color: rose gold silver
The default size of the necklace box is 8.7x5.5x2.8 cm

Package Content:
1x Necklace

✓ 5-10 Days Shipping (Mon-Fri) 
✓ Free Shipping
✓ 7 Day Returns 
✓ All Taxes & Duties Paid
✓ Worldwide Shipping
Unfortunately some brands in our industry resell at 8-10 x the actual cost. That’s just not our style. We only sell at a fair price, directly to you. Plus, with a lifetime guarantee, you know you can buy it once and keep it forever. 

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